TORCE ..................... / flashlight


H 1294

Shade light

Luce a 5800° kelvin per creare una luce artificiale bianca ideale. 5 LED con colori corretti in laboratorio, angolo di 50 gradi per massimizzare la brillantezza delle pietre.

Natural daylight at 5800° kelvin. Full spectrum. Lighting equally combines the colors of the spectrum to create pure with light. 5 laboratory graded and color corrected LEDs with lenses to provide a 50 degree angle of illumination. This condition effectively maximizes surface brilliance to accurately reproduce the dynamics and the depth of color in all enamels.

H 1650

Torcia LED per ispezione pietre grezze / LED flashilight for rough stones inspection

Potente luce a LED. Colore: bianco caldo. 3 modalità: intenso-medio-a intermittenza. Alimentazione a batteria ricaricabile; caricatore incluso nella confezione.

Powerful LED light. Color: warm white. 3 mode switch: high-medium-pulsing. Power: rechargeable battery; battery included in the package.