ARTICOLATORI / articulators


H 5008

Articolatore arco intero / Full mouth articulator

H 5009

Articolatore magnetico / Magnetic articulator

H 5010

Articolatore magnetico / Magnetic articulator

H 1308

Articolatore magnetico AT100 / AT100 magnetic articulator

Consente movimenti verticali e laterali ed alcuni spostamenti all'indietro. Dotato di 10 placche magnetiche per un facile montaggio 

 It allows vertical, hinge and lateral movements. It also allow slightly retrogressive movement. Comes with 10 metal magnetic plates.

H 1309

Articolatore PRO AT500 / Articulator PRO AT500

 C.S.A. 500 Articulator has Spring-Sliding System which enalbles smooth lateral and protrusive movements. The frame design provides fully open access from the lingual position for easy access and optimum posterior access. It is enhanced visibility during laboratory procedures. The bended frame design enables the operator to accomplish corrective and restorative dentistry with much greater precision. Interchangeable plates are included. The rounded edges and frame corners improve feel of operation, and the light weight aluminium frame enhances the efficiency of operation. The UV curable coated C..S.A.  Articulator is increased chemical resistance, temperature endurance addign elegant refinement.